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Frequently Asked Questions
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Can you replace my wood with something that won’t rot?

At Jacob’s Ladder Inc., we always aim to replace wood or pressboard with something that will not decay in the future. The most common product we install is cellular PVC trim. This trim is solid PVC and can be nailed, screwed, caulked, and painted just like traditional wood trim.

Can you match what wood I currently have on my house?

Siding styles and options come and go. If it is still available, we will certainly use what you prefer. We always have the option of custom milling wood.

How do I know if it’s better to repair something or just replace it entirely?

The answer usually comes down to budget. Nothing lasts forever but replacing wood areas on your home with something that requires little to no maintenance saves money in the long run and frees you up from having to deal with the same problems in the future. On some occasions, it’s actually cheaper to install all new siding rather than repair what you have. Your best option is to schedule an estimate so we can best assist you with your scenario.

If you have any other lingering questions about the wood around your house please feel free to call Jacob's Ladder today at: (804) 255-9142 or complete our Estimate Request Form and we'll get you the answers you need.