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Jacob's Ladder Siding, Exterior Painting, Roof and Window Replacement

Here at Jacob’s Ladder we set high standards for ourselves. We are the ONLY home improvement contractor company that offers our customers multiple options for your home’s exterior, while maintaining high quality and a fair price.

Our siding, window, roofing, painting, and carpentry services are all held to our personal Articles of Faith standard. No other home improvement company in Richmond has this.

Articles of Faith

Sales Process: We Treat You With Respect. No Fake Discounts—No Gimmicks and No Sales Pressure. EVER.

Installation Standards: The Parts You Can’t See Are Just As Important As The Ones You Can. No Short-Cuts. No Corner-Cutting.

Product Warranties: We ONLY Use Products With The Industry’s Longest and Most Comprehensive Warranties.

Workmanship Warranties: We Back Up EVERYTHING We Do With A Full Ten Year Workmanship Warranty—In Writing.

Clean Up: No Matter If We’re Doing Carpentry, Installing Siding, Painting, Or Replacing Windows… We Pick Up After Ourselves As If It Was Our Own Home.

Convenience: The ONLY Remodeling Company In Richmond Who Offers Both Painting And Siding With 24/7 Online Appointment Scheduling.

Why would customers choose you versus a competitor?

In this type of industry, there are a lot of opportunities to cut corners or overlook potential problems, intentionally or unintentionally. Not only do we do things right, we make it a point to recognize problems and help our clients trouble-shoot them, even if it’s not in our job description. From top management down to our employees, everyone at Jacob’s Ladder Inc. knows there is a high standard that needs to be upheld. When it comes to our clients and our work, we believe cutting corners is not acceptable, and paying attention to detail goes a long way.

What is different or better about the products or services you offer?

The products we offer can be standard across the industry, or they can be exceptional. We refuse to work with “builder grade” products. What’s important to us is being extensively knowledgeable about the “in’s and out’s” of the variety of products available to our clients and potential clients, which we are.

While the services we offer are also standard across the industry, our SERVICE is not. One of the main differences you’ll experience with Jacob’s Ladder is that we are and will always aim to be in the highest quality category when it comes to serving our clients.

Jacob’s Ladder in Richmond Viginia is your Professional Siding, Exterior Painintg, Window and Roof Replacement contractor

If you’re looking for residential and/or commercial building services from painting and carpentry to full remodels, then please give us a call at: (804) 255-9142 or complete our estimate request form.